We are working with Australia’s largest gas transmission operator to realise renewable methane projects across the country

Southern Green Gas has partnered with leading Australian energy infrastructure company APA Group​ to jointly develop commercial renewable methane projects upon the successful execution of our collaborative trial project – the Wallumbilla Renewable Methane Demonstration Project.

About the Project

  • $1.1m funded by Australian government renewable funding agency, ARENA
  • $2.26m total project cost

Demonstrating the potential to ‘green’ gas pipelines,  the Wallumbilla Renewable Methane Demonstration Project will prove the technical and commercial viability of renewable methane in existing infrastructure.

SGG and APA Group will jointly develop the modular renewable methane production demonstration plant to be based at the Wallumbilla Gas Hub near Roma in Queensland.

The demonstration plant will produce approximately 320 kilograms of hydrogen per year, converting it into 32 gigajoules of methane which will then be injected into APA’s gas engine fuel line at Wallumbilla.

The project is the first step in demonstrating the potential for an industrial scale sector to create renewable methane, using solar-generated electricity, water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

​The project is expected to be operational by late 2021 and will produce renewable methane for injection into APA’s gas pipelines for up to 12 months.