Southern Green Gas responding to global climate change

Published reports over recent years have shown us that climate change is already causing more frequent and more severe storms, floods, droughts, bushfires and other extreme weather events. 

While it may not seem like much, the increase in temperature in Australia has caused an above natural variability in heat extremes and cold extremes. In the southwest region of Australia, we’ve lately seen reduced amounts of rainfall, rising sea levels and the retreat of shorelines. We’ve also seen an increase in extreme fire weather days and looking to the future, we can only expect to experience more changes.

The climate in Australia has so far warmed by 1.4℃.

There is hope

We have the ability to limit further warming and every fraction of a degree counts! The latest IPCC report highlighted the need for global acceleration in the transition to clean energy, with a need to reach ‘net zero’ emissions ASAP. However, the report also revealed that globally, we not only need to cut emissions, we also have to remove some of the carbon that is already in the atmosphere creating negative emissions.

A global challenge like climate change requires both global and local solutions. It will require national policies and economic transformations, as well as collaborative efforts from community, government and businesses.

The solution

We need fast-acting solutions that are cost-effective, easily scalable and truly environmentally sustainable. Our solar powered Direct Air Capture technology was built with this in mind.

At Southern Green Gas, we are on a journey to conquer the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We are bringing to market a new version of the Direct Air Capture technology that is both truly green and can make Australia a leader in carbon capture.

Our solution works both off the grid and in remote locations. It creates new jobs and income for rural and remote areas, while enabling companies to reduce their carbon footprint through the sale of carbon credits.

We plan to set up the Direct Air Capture sites, similar to a solar farm, in collaboration with local communities and indigenous people to help create a better future and co benefits.

What is Direct Air Capture (DAC)?

Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is designed to directly remove carbon from the atmosphere. DAC acts like an industrial-grade dehumidifier, except it removes carbon dioxide from the air, instead of water. 

Our leading-edge DAC technology requires up to a 100 times less land area than trees require to capture Carbon Dioxide (CO2), depending on the volume you want to remove. We create negative emissions by capturing CO2 and safely storing it deep underground. This carbon can also be reused to develop carbon neutral fuels such as methane, methanol and sustainable aviation fuel.

What’s the next step?

We’ve partnered with organisations to use and test our technology to capture CO2 from the air to transform it into renewable energy, food, fibre and chemicals. Our modular Direct Air Capture modules have been created at the ARM Hub (Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Hub) in Brisbane and are soon ready to be tested thoroughly in the field before mass production.

With the financial potential that Direct Air Capture has demonstrated around the world, we can’t wait to roll this out. We are confident that our technology can make Australia a leader in green technology in both carbon capture and credits; enabling change and doing our bit to make the world a better place.