Questions and Answers

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s 2022 Report ‘Mitigation of Climate Change’ revealed carbon capture and removal as essential to reversing excessive carbon emissions and helping the environment.

We need carbon capture so that we can begin to reduce the huge amounts of CO2 that have built up in the atmosphere over recent decades.

Direct Air Capture (DAC) is the technology designed to directly remove carbon from the atmosphere. DAC acts like an industrial-grade dehumidifier, except it removes carbon dioxide from the air, instead of water.

Direct Air Capture is one of the few available technologies to remove carbon from the air.

We have designed a unique modular system that runs completely on solar power. Once captured, the carbon can be permanently stored underground in deep geological formations. Carbon can also be used in food production for the vegetable greenhouse sector, or combined with hydrogen to produce synthetic e-fuels to help mitigate our energy crisis.

SGGs advanced DAC technologies are scalable, modular, solar-powered, advanced engineered, energy-efficient and easily manufacturable.

Yes. Globally direct air capture has been proven and tested. The challenge is to improve the efficiency of DAC systems which is where the second-generation Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology that Southern Green Gas has developed comes in.

Southern Green Gas’ DAC technology supports the circular economy. They are solar powered and work completely free of the grid, making them a sustainable, green carbon solution for our planet.

SGGs DAC technology has been created by industry-leading experts, in collaboration with a team of scientists based out of the University of Sydney. We have instilled a rigorous continuous improvement process to ensure their technology stays top-of-class.

The carbon that our technology captures isn’t created to gain oil, but to help make the transition to alternative sustainable solutions. Our application allows us to use carbon in a positive way, helping to achieve negative emissions.

Our DAC systems create a need for people to build, maintain and supply areas with the technology. We are providing jobs for Australians in rural and remote communities where traditional energy industries have now closed or are scaling down. Plus, the renewable energy sector is a new export industry that’s worth billions of dollars where Australia has the capacity to become a world leader.

Southern Green Gas is among the few in the world harnessing the potential of solar powered DAC. In fact, we have the opportunity to become a global leader.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! Sources like the CSIRO have predicted that the renewable energy industry is worth approximately $25 billion. With the potential to export advanced technology and subsequent new renewable sources, Australia has the capability to become a global leader, bringing in even more value to an already growing industry.

By using solar power as a main energy source, DAC can be used anywhere on the planet with sunlight; they are location fluid. They’re also a more cost-effective solution, as the use of renewable energy on the grid is an additional cost and uses fossil fuels if power is being sourced elsewhere.

We use MOF technology in our DAC system to maximise the capture of CO2 in the smallest possible space. Despite arguments that state otherwise, solid MOF materials do have advantages over traditional solvent based carbon capture methods.

We have shaped the MOF in our DAC into a cartridge that is interchangeable and recyclable, much like a printer cartridge.

Our modular DAC design is cost-reducing, meaning it’s highly scalable for mass manufacture.