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Media Release: SGG launches
e-Methanol business

SGG launches e-Methanol business cognisant of major global energy issues.
14 June 2022/by Sam

Media Release: Musk Foundation XPRIZE Carbon Removal

Southern Green Gas (SGG) congratulates the Sydney Sustainable Carbon Team from the University of Sydney on winning a US$250,000 Student Prize awarded by the Elon Musk funded XPRIZE Carbon Removal. They are amongst only 23 prize winning student teams chosen from 195 applicants globally.
12 November 2021/by sgg-zoik-access

Southern Green Gas and Swiss Re to collaborate on Carbon Removal

Southern Green Gas Ltd (SGG) and Swiss Re, one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, insurance and other forms of risk-based transfer, have agreed to collaborate on Carbon Removal initiatives in Australia involving Direct Air Capture of CO2
21 September 2021/by Chris

Southern Green Gas in 2020: A year in review

As another year draws to a close, there is no more opportune time for some self-reflection. And reflecting upon this year, we can safely say, it was a year like no other.
16 December 2020/by Sam

Southern Green Gas receives backing from leading venture capital groups towards breakthrough technology for hydrogen export

Southern Green Gas today announced it had completed an equity capital raise of $600,000 to accelerate the development of its breakthrough renewable gas technology that aims to establish a new market for Australia’s clean energy.
10 September 2020/by Sam

The Southern Green Gas story

Southern Green Gas is developing renewable methane projects in Australia for domestic and export markets. Renewable methane, which can easily be converted to hydrogen at a customer’s site, is the preferred means to transport renewable hydrogen. It is potentially the lowest cost and can be delivered quickly to market.
17 October 2018/by Sam