The Indigenous Inspiration Behind Our Sustainable Solutions

At Southern Green Gas, we like to do things a bit differently. For instance, all our new modules and inventions get an Australian native animal name, like the Wombat. The Wombat is a big ship container-like module with purposeful robust DAC modules inside. Then there’s the Dingo, our cutting-edge test bench designed to optimise module testing, and the Platypus, a scaled-down version mirroring the M2 Direct Air capture module. “We have even had a Joey at one stage,” explains David, who is Manager – Product & Manufacturing Development at SGG.

But why these names? Well, instead of calling them units, modules or projects like Model 1 and Model 2, giving them names based on their look and sizes makes it easier to remember them and their technology. Plus, we create an enduring connection between technology and our mission — to preserve nature and the environment.

The significance extends beyond nomenclature. All our chosen names pay homage to Indigenous Australian animals, reinforcing our commitment to deploying solutions in tandem with nature. Our vision includes setting up these solutions in remote communities, collaborating with local Indigenous people and landowners, and operating, for instance, entirely on solar power, minimising our impact on the environment.

Our Platypus solution has also forged a partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, where we actively sponsor Australian animals. This collaborative effort underscores our dedication to environmental conservation.

Navigating uncharted territory, our team constantly innovates to remove CO2. The dynamic nature of our work demands constant experimentation, course adjustments, and a willingness to challenge conventional thinking. In this pursuit, we also welcome students onto our projects, fostering a mutual learning environment. Here, the names are also often a good conversation starter about why we do what we do.

So, the choice of animal names serves multiple purposes. It engages and motivates our team, keeping us focused on the core mission of correcting past environmental missteps. Unfortunately, simply capturing CO2 isn’t enough. We aim to create Sustainable Aviation Fuel and other green alternatives, developing true carbon-negative solutions to offset the carbon let out by previous generations. Our journey is one of perpetual learning, creation, and a steadfast commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. So why not also have fun while we do it?