Sequestration Insights Paper Publication Report

The Climate Change Authority report on the role of carbon sequestration in Australia’s decarbonisation

Recently two of our advisors Professor Deanna D’Alessandro and Brett Cooper worked with Ben Holt, Assistant Manager of the Science and Adaptation team in the Climate Change Authority (CCA) and his team to develop the following report.

Operational Update Key appointments and successful automated trials

Operational Update: Key appointments and successful automated trials

It’s been a busy start to 2023 for our team, and we’re proud to announce that our team is growing in size and capability. Additionally, successful automated rig tests are allowing our team to rapidly trial a variety of options that aim to enhance the viability of our DAC hubs in real-time.

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Flying Greener: Why synthetic jet fuels are the future of air travel

Flight has fundamentally connected people, cultures, and economies around the world. However, the aviation industry is one of the largest contributors to global carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, the industry is turning to viable methods, such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). This shift towards e-fuels has the potential to revolutionise the aviation industry, leading to reduced emissions, improved air quality and a more sustainable future for air travel.

The Australian Academy of Science reports on greenhouse gas removal in Australia

The Australian Academy of Science convened a roundtable of experts to discuss emissions reduction along with creative solutions that would ensure a healthier planet. Included was Professor Deanna D’Alessandro, showcasing our leading Direct Air Capture technology. It is clear that Australia’s resources and research capabilities make an ideal location for greenhouse gas removal, and SGG is well-positioned at the forefront of innovation.

Methanol fuel podcast

Podcast – In Focus: Methanol as a green fuel for shipping

In this latest In Focus episode of the Seatrade Maritime Podcast we talk to Chris Chatterton, Chief Operating Officer of the Methanol Institute, about why methanol is suitable as a green fuel for shipping and the challenges faced in its adoption.