Balancing Risk and Responsibility: Our Approach to Project Management

Southern Green Gas (SGG) has always been at the forefront of innovation in sustainable energy solutions. We take immense pride in our exceptional team, which includes Philip Jackson, the General Manager for Development.

With over 19 years of experience in Project and Risk Management, Philip brings a unique perspective to our organisation. He integrates his wealth of knowledge and global experience to ensure that our projects not only meet industry standards but also prioritise people, the environment, and the communities we work with.

Philip’s remarkable journey in project management has taken him around the world, working on significant projects, such as BHP initiatives in China (Inner Mongolia). This experience made him strongly committed to following high standards in all our work, from people to the environment and community impact. He firmly believes that compromising on these standards is simply not an option.

One of Philip’s key takeaways from his time in China was the challenge of stepping into the unknown, working in unfamiliar areas. He learned the importance of assessing and adjusting project scopes to safeguard the community and historical sites while achieving optimal results.

Philip’s dedication to this principle meant considering that drilling in what seemed like an ideal location might be beneath a historical site or could endanger local populations living in earthen houses, due to the unique geological characteristics of the region. To ensure the safety and support of these communities, Philip advocated for the use of local resources, like food, transportation, and manpower, creating a sense of acceptance and a “licence to operate.”

What sets Philip apart is his unwavering commitment to local communities. He actively involved them in projects and worked tirelessly to elevate local contractors and upskill the community for future opportunities. For Philip, it’s about understanding local contexts and not expecting communities to just adapt to our standards.

After BHP, Philip worked with our Managing Director, Rohan Gillespie, which further honed his skills. Together, they negotiated with local landowners in remote Australian communities, always valuing respect for the land and leaving it in a better state than before. Philip’s leadership style emphasises team building with individuals who share his beliefs, a philosophy that can be summarised as, “If you can put back, you put back.”

Philip firmly believes that we don’t just work in a community; we work as part of a larger community. Small communities are part of bigger ones, and ultimately, they are all part of nations. The impact of CO2 emissions knows no state or country borders. It’s vital to rally as many people and communities as possible to drive real change and focus on the need to reduce existing atmospheric CO2 – not just future emissions.

At SGG, our team shares Philip’s passion for sustainability, and we always approach projects with a focus on minimising our carbon footprint. For instance, our decision to build our Direct Air Capture (DAC) facilities near a train station reflects our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint by encouraging the use of public transport.

Philip’s journey, filled with unique experiences and life-changing lessons, has made him an invaluable asset to Southern Green Gas. His dedication to upholding high standards, fostering community engagement, and driving sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission to revolutionise the energy industry. We look forward to his continued contributions as we work towards a greener and more sustainable future.