Sustainable carbon capture technologyCombining natural and technological solutions to remove excess CO2 from our atmosphere.Sustainable carbon
capture technology
Join us. Make a difference.Join us.
Make a difference.
Carbon capture can help reduce
and even reverse — climate change.

Our mission by 2024:

Capture & permanently store
1000 tonnes of CO2
Sustainable carbon
capture technology
Join us.
Make a difference.
Join us.
Make a difference.
Solar powered carbon capture solutions to remove
excess CO2 from our atmosphere.
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Our DAC technology requires up to 100 times less land area than that required by trees, depending on the volume of CO2 you want to capture.


How our carbon capture solution works

Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology is designed to directly remove carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere.

Our DAC technology leverages Australia’s natural advantages:

  • Abundant sunlight to solar power the DAC module that captures carbon
  • Vast areas of non-arable land with great geology
  • Giga-scale storage capacity to safely return carbon to the earth

Building sustainable industries

We develop globally available Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology for carbon capture storage (negative emissions) and for the manufacture of carbon-neutral products (fuels, food, fibre and chemical).

Our advanced technology has been recognised by world-leading organisations. Together we are delivering projects to showcase the potential of capturing, recycling and reusing carbon.

Carbon is one of the most common yet misunderstood elements on the planet. We need to understand carbon and work with it as a sustainable resource.